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Celebrations of Life Memorials

July 27 Greetings. 

I am taking names for new groups for August.

Call and register NOW 

At Golden Age Club again, with possible option for Zoom partciipation. 

Max 10 for distancing.

705 493 9784 

With text & secure voicemail


We went ONLINE for final sessions of our last Grief Recovery 8 sessions set in North Bay area, 

with benefit, success, and new learning experience.


I continue grief counselling in online, or telephone, and other creative safe distancing ways, at homes or in common areas.


1 home based Wedding was celebrated with 5 present. Few more on deck. Remainder are delayed or yet to be re-confirmed for the later dates. Maybe we can celebrate with a smaller "rep" group, and then ZOOM it to others?  We are trying things.


We had recent Celebration Online via ZOOM.

Graveside services or Memorials, along with Online Services can be imagined. 


 Contact me with your questions: 705 493 9784 with text

    (use CONTACT button above to right of HOME one). 

  And consider visting 

Memorial Events

The Grief and Spiritual Care is there for you

as you plan a memorial event. It may be at the time of death or anytime afterwards.

We can assist in choosing music, imagining a reflection,

identify and setup any place of your choice to gather. 

We help you determine a good path to honour the one you have lost. 

We understand that it can be an overwhelming time.

We are here to lighten the tasks

and accompany you through the process so that 

you may focus on grieving and honouring your loved one.

We are multi-disciplinary and multi-faith

helping you make the choices that are right for you. 

We can celebrate outdoors, indoors, at funeral homes, 

at a home, cottage, or any institution that supports with their space.

Please contact Jeff Archambeault to begin: 705-493-9784 or [email protected]