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And take steps to heal your broken heart 

caused by wide range of life losses and changes

Sunday May 2, 2:00 p.m.

North Bay GOLDEN AGE CLUB 135 Worthington St. West

1. IN-PERSON:  gathering with social distanced, masked, sanitized protocols. **

2. HYBRID SESSIONS: using Zoom for those with technical capacity and interest.

Anne, Lorraine, & Esther 

Will form our latest Grief-MATTERS team as fellow Co-Grievers 

Each seasoned by their personal life losses in the School of Life

And our mix of professional credentials to lead you to lead you 

through 8 two hour sessions. 

Call/Text JEFF 705 493 9784

Call/Text Lorraine to register: 705 978 0344

[email protected]

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I collapsed at 42, not knowing my own grief from incompletely recognized and communicated feelings. Then, I was "male challenged" I would call it. LOL.

I lost my primary work role. And I lost my mom, wife, best friend, da (the most important people in my life). And then my home, and more.... We each have a story. 

I learned that I was Ok, except when I was not. I did not know if I was coming or going: so just did both.

I have recovered feel alive, despite and because of it all.

I am a Chaplain with a lifetime professionally assisting others as a multi-faith chaplain in psychiatric & general hospitals, correctional settings, and previously in churches, and in the community.

I realized that my primary passion was for grief care in all of its forms. I always noticed it and named it for others, then myself. 

Society too often fails to know how to deal with it and not enough attention and resources exist. GRM is structured, clear, methodical, evidence-based, and most importantly, available! It helped me through mind bending losses, and became an effective primary tool to help others through the waves of crazy-making, soul wrenching, spirit crushing life changing losses and events.

My Learnings: 

Kindergarten taught me how to share; 

Sociology, about people; 

Master of Divinity, about God talk;

Institute for Black Catholic Studies, to Sing & Move Spirituality; 

Clinical Pastoral Education, about Spiritual care and SELF discovery.

Post Kindergarten and the School of Life: 

Grief Recovery Method deepened my ability to BE OPEN and SHARE TALK WITH ANOTHER. I accompany people to the DEPTHS of their pain.... and onward from sheer survival to feeling alive again through both the pain tears and a joy laughter. Don't do it all alone. I tried that. Check it out.undefined

NEXT  North Bay & Area

Grief Recovery Group 2021 

(8 sessions)

Golden Age Club at 135 Worthington Ave. West.

 (between Twiggs and Post Office)

Newcomers/First timers

$50.00 Registration Fee (non-refundable)

$325.00 balance due at final Session when completely satisfied.


Who completed prior groups can work together on another loss again.

Call me for details.

Contact me immediately to discuss any of your questions.

Call Jeff Soon:  705 493 9784 with text

[email protected]

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 7 STEPS dealing w/ your grief ---From Laura Jack a Grief Recovery Specialist & Trainer's website..

Click here:

You may not like what I am about to say, jeff, but humor me for a minute...What would it be like to embrace this holiday season as an opportunity to create new traditions? 

Before you tell me all the reasons why this year has sucked, which I recognize that there is absolute truth in that as well, what would it be like to let go of that sucky-ness feeling for just a minute and ask yourself these questions:

How has this year created opportunities for me to do things differently?

 How have I grown through the pain and challenges that this year presented?

 Who would I get to be if I let go of the idea that this year only SUCKED?

What am I proud of myself for overcoming? I deeply acknowledge that this year has been full of heartache and hardship. It has been full of so much grief, and I believe that grief must come before gratitude. 

What I am grateful for is the honest conversations about grief that are happening more and more. Grief, as is defined by the Grief Recovery Institute, is the "conflicting feelings that come at the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior." This year is GRIEF. It is the conflicting feelings. It is the change in the familiar. It is what we wish was different. Better. Or more. It is a loss of hopes, dreams, and expectations. The challenge is, we are taught to deny and repress all the things that we deem as "bad", rather than giving them a voice, accepting, embracing, and loving ourselves and each other through all of it. 

This year has also exposed a lot of UNRESOLVED grief that exists both individually and collectively, and it can be soooo painful. However, the worst thing we can do with unresolved grief and pain is to keep pretending that it doesn't exist. 

So what can you do this holiday season, that is full of conflicting feelings that come when things change?Here is what I suggest:

* * Covid Protocols require:

• come with no symptoms,

• your own mask to wear throughout,

• bring your own beverage container,

• follow sanitizing routines

• keep 6 foot distancing,

• initial our Covid Sign in Register.


8 two hour sessions (in person or sometimes online).


One to one: online, telephone, and other creative safe distancing ways (car to car; outdoors, and more).


Despite covid challenges, a few more are on deck.  Some are delayed or yet to be re-confirmed for the later dates. Some choose to celebrate with a smaller "rep" group  and ZOOM it to others.  We are trying things.


We recently celebrated online via ZOOM.  Graveside services, Memorials, along with Online Services can be imagined for most any location. 


 Contact me with your questions: 

705 493 9784 with text

    (Or use CONTACT button near top of page ---- right of "HOME" button). 

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Bookings for 2020 Have begun... 1 in Verner; 1 in North Bay; 1 in Sturgeon Falls

In 2019 we celebrated in Warren, Rutherglen, North Bay, Sturgeon Falls....

Weddings & Vow Renewals.

Your venue. Your way. 

Call me 705 493 9784 or Text

I would love to celebrate your special day.

We can chat and you decide if I am the right fit for your needs.