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  I am now taking names for our next Grief Recovery Sessions in Sturgeon Falls.

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 February 2020: 

New Groups Forming North Bay/Area + West Nipissing at Sturgeon Falls.                  Call/Text Jeff for Info: 705 493 9784.  See us on Facebook.

Grief Recovery Method Groups

Grief Recovery Method is a trademarked tool that has been used for over 40 years

to support people as they face different losses including, but not limited to the death of a loved one. 

It is an Evidence based method.

Losses come in all forms including loss of:

a relationship,

a pets or animal companion,

an employment or finances,

of health,

of trust

and of some 41 other identifiable life losses.

The Grief Recovery Method encourages a partnership approach to grief

because a structured listening and speaking format helps each person

to hear them self more clearly,

to discover a deeper awareness of incomplete communications.

and then to take an effective action to complete them,

in order to recover and begin to feel more alive, better, and complete.

Please contact Jeff Archambeault to begin:


[email protected]‚Äčca