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Sunday May 2, 

2:00 p.m.

Don't delay to take steps to heal  a broken heart 

caused by wide range of life losses and changes

Contact us for a Zoom Link option to learn about:

Option 1:  One to One by Zoom or Phone is one option with one Specialist

Option 2:  Online Session:  by Zoom for those with technical capacity and interest

Anne, Esther, Jeff & Lorraine are:

  • Your Grief-MATTERS team. 
  • Co-Grievers with you. 
  • Seasoned by Personal life losses in the School of Life
  • With Professional Credentials to lead you to lead you 
  • through 8 two hour sessions. 

Questions & To Register Now. Call /Text 

Jeff 705 493 9784

Lorraine 705 978 0344

[email protected]

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I collapsed at 42, not knowing my own grief from incompletely recognized and communicated feelings. I was at that time what I'd call "male challenged". LOL.

My losses would include my then primary work role, later my job, followed by losss of Mom, Best Friend Wife, Dad (thee most important people in my life, my residence home, and more.... We each have a story. 

I learned to become " Ok, except when I was not". I did not "know if I was coming or going: so just did both" and to be "strong enough to be weak", all phrases I coined to guide myself.

Today, I am recovered and feel alive, despite and because of it all.

I am a Chaplain with a lifetime professionally assisting others as a multi-faith chaplain in psychiatric & general hospitals, correctional settings, and previously in churches, and in the community.

I realized that my primary passion was for grief care in all of its forms. I always noticed it and named it for others, then myself. 

Society too often misses it and may not know how to deal with it Attention and resources may be limited.  

Grief Recovery isstructured, clear, methodical, evidence-based, and most importantly, available! It helped me through mind bending losses, and became an effective primary tool to help others through the waves of crazy-making, soul wrenching, spirit crushing life changing losses and events.

My Life Learnings: 

  • Kindergarten taught me how to share; 
  • Sociology, about people; 
  • Master of Divinity, about God talk;
  • Institute for Black Catholic Studies, to Sing & Move Spirituality; 
  • Clinical Pastoral Education, about Spiritual care and SELF discovery.

Post Kindergarten and the School of Life: 

Grief Recovery Method deepened my ability to BE OPEN and SHARE  & TALK about feelings, and accompany people to the DEPTHS of their pain.... and onward from sheer survival to feeling alive again through both the pain-tears and a joy-laughter. Don't do it all alone. I tried that. Check it out.


8 two hour sessions (in person or sometimes online).


One to one: online, telephone, and other creative safe distancing ways (car to car; outdoors, and more).


Despite covid challenges some choose to celebrate with a smaller "rep" group  and ZOOM it to others.  We are trying things.


We recently celebrated online via ZOOM.  Graveside services, Memorials, along with Online Services can be imagined for most any location. 


 Contact me with your questions: 

705 493 9784 with text

    (Or use CONTACT button near top of page ---- right of "HOME" button). 



* * Covid Protocols require (when we get back to in person meetings):

• come with no symptoms,

• your own mask to wear throughout,

• bring your own beverage container,

• follow sanitizing routines

• keep 6 foot distancing,

• initial our Covid Sign in Register.

 February 2020: 

New Groups Forming North Bay/Area + West Nipissing at Sturgeon Falls.                  Call/Text Jeff for Info: 705 493 9784.  See us on Facebook.

Grief Recovery Method Groups

Grief Recovery Method is a trademarked tool that has been used for over 40 years

to support people as they face different losses including, but not limited to the death of a loved one. 

It is an Evidence based method.

Losses come in all forms including loss of:

a relationship,

a pets or animal companion,

an employment or finances,

of health,

of trust

and of some 41 other identifiable life losses.

The Grief Recovery Method encourages a partnership approach to grief

because a structured listening and speaking format helps each person

to hear them self more clearly,

to discover a deeper awareness of incomplete communications.

and then to take an effective action to complete them,

in order to recover and begin to feel more alive, better, and complete.

Please contact Jeff Archambeault to begin:


[email protected]ca