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Sunday May 2, 

2:00 p.m.

Don't delay to take steps to heal  a broken heart 

caused by wide range of life losses and changes

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Option 1:  One to One by Zoom or Phone is one option with one Specialist

Option 2:  Online Session:  by Zoom for those with technical capacity and interest

Anne, Esther, Jeff & Lorraine are:

  • Your Grief-MATTERS team. 
  • Co-Grievers with you. 
  • Seasoned by Personal life losses in the School of Life
  • With Professional Credentials to lead you to lead you 
  • through 8 two hour sessions. 

Questions & To Register Now. Call /Text 

Jeff 705 493 9784

Lorraine 705 978 0344

[email protected]

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I collapsed at 42, not knowing my own grief from incompletely recognized and communicated feelings. I was at that time what I'd call "male challenged". LOL.

My losses would include my then primary work role, later my job, followed by losss of Mom, Best Friend Wife, Dad (thee most important people in my life, my residence home, and more.... We each have a story. 

I learned to become " Ok, except when I was not". I did not "know if I was coming or going: so just did both" and to be "strong enough to be weak", all phrases I coined to guide myself.

Today, I am recovered and feel alive, despite and because of it all.

I am a Chaplain with a lifetime professionally assisting others as a multi-faith chaplain in psychiatric & general hospitals, correctional settings, and previously in churches, and in the community.

I realized that my primary passion was for grief care in all of its forms. I always noticed it and named it for others, then myself. 

Society too often misses it and may not know how to deal with it Attention and resources may be limited.  

Grief Recovery isstructured, clear, methodical, evidence-based, and most importantly, available! It helped me through mind bending losses, and became an effective primary tool to help others through the waves of crazy-making, soul wrenching, spirit crushing life changing losses and events.

My Life Learnings: 

  • Kindergarten taught me how to share; 
  • Sociology, about people; 
  • Master of Divinity, about God talk;
  • Institute for Black Catholic Studies, to Sing & Move Spirituality; 
  • Clinical Pastoral Education, about Spiritual care and SELF discovery.

Post Kindergarten and the School of Life: 

Grief Recovery Method deepened my ability to BE OPEN and SHARE  & TALK about feelings, and accompany people to the DEPTHS of their pain.... and onward from sheer survival to feeling alive again through both the pain-tears and a joy-laughter. Don't do it all alone. I tried that. Check it out.


8 two hour sessions (in person or sometimes online).


One to one: online, telephone, and other creative safe distancing ways (car to car; outdoors, and more).


Despite covid challenges some choose to celebrate with a smaller "rep" group  and ZOOM it to others.  We are trying things.


We recently celebrated online via ZOOM.  Graveside services, Memorials, along with Online Services can be imagined for most any location. 


 Contact me with your questions: 

705 493 9784 with text

    (Or use CONTACT button near top of page ---- right of "HOME" button). 



* * Covid Protocols require (when we get back to in person meetings):

• come with no symptoms,

• your own mask to wear throughout,

• bring your own beverage container,

• follow sanitizing routines

• keep 6 foot distancing,

• initial our Covid Sign in Register.

Yvonne and Geordie came, shared, and went! 

They left an imprint on our minds and hearts 

with her messages for living fully,

 including showing up for our self and one another, 

and talking about the things hard to talk about.

We work with all types of losses, not just deaths of persons


by Grads  or Alumni of 

Grief Recovery Method ® Support Group 8 Sessions Format


We all spend money...... 

this is an investment in yourself

.....worth every dime and minute. 

Thank you to the entire team for the course –

it was an amazing experience!" 

Michelle Lashbrook

(MORE TESTIMONIALS  Below or Click on "Grief Recovery Groups" panel /tab at top)

The Grief Recovery Method®

The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses

Time heals all wounds

• Gotta be strong for others

Move or Change Location

                Replace the loss •

Bury your feelings

Just stay strong

  • Grieve alone

Keep busy

  • Move On

Myths about Grief:

Your feelings are normal and natural. 

 The problem is that we have been socialized to believe 

that these feelings are abnormal and unnatural.

Whatever your LOSS is from:

  • Death           Divorce or End of a Relationship             Loss of a Career

  •  of Trust             of Faith          of Safety

  • Loss of Health            of A Pet          ....or more than 40 other Losses

               People say you have to let go and move on in your life,

                    but they don’t tell you what you need to do to accomplish that.

              The Grief Recovery Method® Outreach Program not only makes that possible,

                    but provides partnerships and guidance to ensure that it happens. 


 Certified Grief Recovery Specialist ®

705 493 9784

[email protected]

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And...we celebrate weddings too....

 Keith HOPKINS & Tracy BARRY 

Joined Their Hearts Together  February 14, 2020, North Bay

Lesa CHAYER and Andre COUTU... 

Wedded in Warren Sept 14, 2019 in another joyous event .... (Jayden invited the kiss!)

Tying the knot at Sturgeon Falls Museum....2019

Jessica SPICER & Jeff Eric COURVILLE gathered friends and family in beautiful Rutherglen at her parents home to seal their love in marriage

Jessica Dubois & Alcide Shank

Jessica DUBOIS & Alcide SHANK 

united their lives at the Sturgeon Falls outdoor concert pad 

where happiness flowed like the lower river below the train bridge visible to all gathered .....

Weddings & Vow Renewals.

Your venue. Your way.

Call me 705 493 9784

I would enjoy celebrating your special day

Field, Lavigne, Verner, and Sturgeon Falls Weddings all in the works...... Another almost occurred on the US/CANADA border due to international covid challenges.....

Funerals    /   Celebrations of Life 

 Wakes     /     Anniversaries 

 End of Life Release Ceremonies

Create & Conduct 

A Gathering of 


At Any Site 

Which Honours 

Your Values & Beliefs

Listening to You Deeply Together, 

 To Make Sense Of Your Experiences, 

To Cope And Feel Alive Again

Individual Professional

Grief Counselling With

Jeff & Associates:

Sturgeon, North Bay,

Near North, & Beyond.

May 26, 2019:

A Letter to one of my Grief Matters Teams.(Anne, Charlie, Melissa, & Jeff)

The Full Letter From Michelle Lashbrook

Grief Recovery Method 8 Sessions Course Graduate (January 2019 at Les Compagnons)

"This course showed me a system that works from beginning to end

to deal with the loss in a safe, understanding, and non-judgmental environment.

The course worked its way to bring about real understanding of my loss

and the impact it had on me then and now, acknowledgment of the loss

and my reactions in a different way than I had ever thought of before,

and a way to find real closure with the loss.

I understand now how this system could be applied to so many different situations

that we all find ourselves in at some point or another n our lives

and help to experience real healing on a fundamental level.

I would recommend this course to everyone

as it will only help to develop the skills and implement a system

that helps to get through losses in life and really be able to move on in a healthy way. 

Michelle Lashbrook

Click on Grief Recovery Groups panel at the top of page for her complete letter......

Some Survey Responses                                                       from January 2019 Group North Bay

Q. How would you describe any beneficial aspects of this Method for you?

  • Les preniers pas sont faits. Je peux continuer la guérison en suivant le guide
  • It has allowed to go deep inside and feel my pain I guess. Much more beneficial en francaise
  • Sharing with Partner, rather than larger group was less intimidating and more encouraging; Developing relationships and friendships with other Group members
  • Very beneficial; enough time is given to reflect during the sessions and in between each session
  • Sharing and support from group (a male participant)
  • Had started for a different reason, this method did open up new area in my life which had been unexpected
  • Explained the incomplete relationship and how we will always grieve it unless fully resolved.
  • Sample Responses to the 8 session Grief Recovery Method Survey.....
  • Q. Do you think you will use the Method you learned for another relationship to a loss?
  1. Oui définitivement. Absolutely
  3. I definitely would
  4. I already have

 M.M. from North Bay added comments:

Do not to wait at the last minute to “do” the homework…

Remind them: some work might be painful but this is part of the healing “process”

To invest time, energy, and soul (not only money) if one wants to really heal and recover…in order to move beyond (M.M., North Bay)

Survey responses .. to Question 5

Were there any unexpected or surprising discoveries for you?

  1. Oui, j'ai plusieurs relations à guérir.
  2. no, just going inside myself was great
  3. In speaking with friends who have experienced loss, about my growth, has enabled them to share and grow
  4. yes, I had no idea that the person I ended up grieving would be someone I had never “grieved” or even thought of as a “loss”.
  5. (male)shared experiences and very supportive atmosphere
  6. Oh yes
  7. Yes, it was other than I expected; (I) focussed on two other persons--- one deceased and one living;
  8. yes. Talking about it really helps.

Note: now concluded 

Weekly (bilingual) Grief Support Drop-In

Sturgeon Falls, West Nipissing

Tuesdays 2:30 p.m.

West Nipissing Community Health Centre / Michaud Street at Ethel St.

Bilingual support available. Lite Refreshments


Jeff Archambeault, facilitator, community chaplain 705 493-9784

Marie-Claire Vignola, co-facilitator (bilingual) 705 495 7460

More Survey responses ..... Question 3:

Did you feel emotional safety in the group?

  1. Tous les participants et les facilitateurs m'ont mis à l'aise.
  2. Yes absolutely
  3. Absolutely – I appreciated the commitment to confidentiality and trust within the group
  4. yes at all the times that I was with the group
  5. this is a group of decent folk (male)                 

Question 4: How was your experience to be in a GROUP

yet paired with ONE other to share outcome of your work?

  1. J'ai aimé pouvoir partager en français mais maheureusement la personne connaissait ma situation donc je ne me suis pas senti assez à l'aise pour partager librement.
  2. excellent en francais / It worked
  3. Sharing with Partner was more conducive to sharing and caring; the Group provided like minded people, to support ideas and discussion
  4. enjoyed the wisdom and experience in sharing with the group
  5. It worked

I can form a group for

healthcare professional,


daycare workers,



or any one who is a child caregiver:

4 sessions using Grief Recovery's WHEN CHILDREN GRIEVE now known as:

Helping Children With Loss

for adults to help children.....

Visit for additional information

Call or Text: 705 493 9784

Email: [email protected]

To Host or Sponsor Grief Presentations or Grief Support Groups

 As An Agency, Community Group,

Institution, Or Community Organization:  

Contact Jeff to design & contract at:

[email protected]

705 493 9784

Offered by and For Anyone with Loss

Open Weekly Facilitated Meetings. Informal Presentations.

Grief MATTERS Team Offers:

Grief Recovery Method®      

 8 Two Hour Sessions

Join me Jeff, and a variety of Team members 

To commit to healing your broken heart by

Making a profound journey into and through your losses.

Discover and then recover from grief’s pain.

Take a chance to heal and complete yourself.

Experience improved well-being and new self-care.

Time alone does not heal. Specific actions do.

Previous Testimonials


Grief Recovery Method 

8 Sessions Groups

T e s t i m o n i a l s ....

very compassionate and supportive forum....

felt comfortable speaking openly.... 

positive feedback" (female participant).

"good to do grief work in a group...

doing and completing the exercises is an important part of this recovery program...

freedom and support to be wherever e are at in our grieving" (male participant)

"surprising, helpful, liberating" (male)  


   "positive, affirming, helpful" (female)

"Thank you helping us with my wife's funeral."   (husband & daughter)

"People said they enjoyed the way we made a circle outdoors to remember dad. It helped a lot! (daughter)

"The circle of care at the Fireside event in December really helped me at a difficult time. 

 Let me know when the next one is." (woman)

"surprising, helpful, liberating" (male in group)   


   "positive, affirming, helpful" (female in group) 

I am Jeff Archambeault and pleased to be a

Certified Grief Recovery ® Specialist,

The Grief Recovery Handbook helped me and thousands of other grievers

with a variety of loss experiences.

I am eager to share its Method to help fellow Grievers.

Contact me to be included in one of our groups

or for one to one counsel.

And be sure to check out The Grief Recovery Institute website:.


Dear Jeff....thank you for following your heart...

"Grief Matters" is a blessing to our communities

(2019 francophone woman from 8 session group

Jeff, so grateful to have you and your Group in my Life.

 Blessed to be on the Recovery journey with you!

(male participant in 8 sessions)

 7 STEPS dealing w/ your grief ---From Laura Jack a Grief Recovery Specialist & Trainer's website..

Click here:

You may not like what I am about to say, jeff, but humor me for a minute...What would it be like to embrace this holiday season as an opportunity to create new traditions? 

Before you tell me all the reasons why this year has sucked, which I recognize that there is absolute truth in that as well, what would it be like to let go of that sucky-ness feeling for just a minute and ask yourself these questions:

How has this year created opportunities for me to do things differently?

 How have I grown through the pain and challenges that this year presented?

 Who would I get to be if I let go of the idea that this year only SUCKED?

What am I proud of myself for overcoming? I deeply acknowledge that this year has been full of heartache and hardship. It has been full of so much grief, and I believe that grief must come before gratitude. 

What I am grateful for is the honest conversations about grief that are happening more and more. Grief, as is defined by the Grief Recovery Institute, is the "conflicting feelings that come at the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior." This year is GRIEF. It is the conflicting feelings. It is the change in the familiar. It is what we wish was different. Better. Or more. It is a loss of hopes, dreams, and expectations. The challenge is, we are taught to deny and repress all the things that we deem as "bad", rather than giving them a voice, accepting, embracing, and loving ourselves and each other through all of it. 

This year has also exposed a lot of UNRESOLVED grief that exists both individually and collectively, and it can be soooo painful. However, the worst thing we can do with unresolved grief and pain is to keep pretending that it doesn't exist. 

So what can you do this holiday season, that is full of conflicting feelings that come when things change?Here is what I suggest:

Memorials & Funerals.

I have had the profound honour of accompanying families

through the planning and conducting of Funerals, Memorials, and Celebrations of Life events.

Each was as unique in tone and flavour as the person remembered.

Most occur in a Funeral Home, but others have been in locations special to the persons gathering to remember. Call me, or ask your Funeral Director to request my help.      705 493 9784 (with text).

Ask your Funeral Home Staff to contact me, or contact me directly.



aGrief Recovery Method Support Group in North Bay 2017

Question 1: What Did You Like Best?

-Teacher is open and easy to communicate with/make the program positive book and program easy to follow

- Hearing others words etc.

- Honest confidentiality Sense of family

- Acceptance by everyone including myself

- The homework assignments were good – allowing integration of knowledge learned

- I enjoyed the material in the book. I like the techniques and agree to the method

- The final letter. It made me take a good look at my life

Question 3:  I felt safe when sharing my homework assignments with my partner / small group

was rated with 6 STRONGLY AGREE and 1 AGREE.

Are you stuck in your grief ?

Do you feel isolated?  

Individual grief counselling can help.

Call for an appointment

Serving West Nipissing & North Bay Areas & Beyond 

Change happens!

How do we cope?