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Message Wednesday December 7, 2022 r

Re: Weekly drop in and forthcoming Grief Recovery groups

Wednesday Greetings Dec. 7:Re: weekly drop in support group in Sturgeon at St. Andrew's (opposite Giant Tiger)

1. Dec. 7: Hope to have door open by customary 1 pm (but gonna be tight today).

Though not required, 3 regrets today from Shaun, Noella, & Jennifer. Welcome to last week's newcomer, and one considering checking us out.

2 Dec. 14: Theme: Coping with Holidays & Anniversary Dates.

3. Dec. 21: Winter Solstice (Change in Season) informal gathering. We need to see who is around/interested. (Jeff can be onsite)

4.   A Feedback Survey in the works: (ASAP as Hardcopy OR email option) for your suggestions and needs to determine "Next steps and formats" for moving forward in 2023.

However, send or tell us verbally or by email anytime

5.  8 Session Grief Recovery Method dates in early 2023, to be determined soon. First of 8 will be a free information session, followed by non-refundable registration fee, and then remaining 6 sessions with a per session value attached.

Meanwhile, one can visit:,

Facebook YOUR GRIEF MATTERS via Esther for hope, Jeff

705 493 9784 call or text

Weekly Wednesday Drop-In Changes for time and programme 

Jan 25 and Feb 1 to  1:00 to 3:00 

with 2 FREE Introductions to Grief Recovery Method.  

(SCROLL DOWN for Next Block of Details)

Sturgeon Falls St. Andrew's United Church 

(opposite Giant Tiger on Holditch, back entrance) 

Just show up or contact us:

Jeff  705 493 9784 Call or Text   


Anne  [email protected] for bilingual reply

​As Certified Grief Recovery Specialists  

we can facilitate 8 session group programme called The Grief Recovery Method 

 for your growth & healing.  

Visit also

Facebook yourgriefmatters/estherforhope

A N N O U N C I N G  new group forming.........

G R I E F  care


8 two hour sessions (in person or sometimes online).


One to one: 

Zoom / Telephone / Agreed upon safe place.

Contact me with your questions:

705 493 9784 with text

(Or use CONTACT button near top of page ---- right of "HOME" button).


M A R R I A G E celebrant


As covid restrictions reduce,

options are opening up again.

Let's talk.

Contact me with your questions:

705 493 9784 with text

(Or use CONTACT button near top of page ---- right of "HOME" button).


M E M O R I A L  care services


Graveside, Memorials, Online Services, wherever and whenever it suits you:

funeral home or personal home, cottage or lakeside, in a field, on the water, or wherever makes sense to gather and honour the one you care about.

Contact me with your questions:

705 493 9784 with text

(Or use CONTACT button near top of page ---- right of "HOME" button).




Support Groups  will be formed

once we have a sufficient core number interested and ready.

These sessions require openness and commitment for 

Eight 2 hour sessions.


 Esther 249 991 0035

 Anne 705 840 6300 (bilingual) 

Jeff 705 493 9784

A  non refundable Registration Fee secures your space once you are ready to do the work.

We have provided 8 session groups

 over 14 time in Near North venues since 2015 

with various team member combinations of

Team members. 

There are also plenty of awesome "alumni" of its method out there. Their testimonials appear below and online at HQ website.

You can see some of their

Testimonials further below

My awesome current teammates Esther Pennell and Anne Hampel are ready to commit again to every participant start to finish (in between sessions, and even beyond them sometimes!).

It is a profound process which produces growth and healing. Don’t wait. 

We are in West Nipissing at present and eventually Huntsville and New Liskeard are on the radar.

Again, this is an EIGHT SESSION 2 HOURS PER WEEK journey into grief, what it is, and discover from your own and history of losses how to move forward into a recovery action. It results in a tool to complete pieces of your grief NOW, and, for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.

Its evidence-based method coordinated worldwide from the Grief Recovery Institute available for over 40 years around the world now. 

Don't wait to attend to your broken heart pieces..

See our newly evolving website:

Visit (HQ Institute)

Also: Your Grief Matters on Facebook

(by Esther Pennell)

What Makes Us Different?

Our team of Grief Recovery Experts are dedicated to helping the world recover from tragic loss and overcome grief. We specialize in non-traditional groups, we speak straight from the heart, and the heartache resulting from loss is our only topic.

Non-Traditional Groups

Traditional support groups encourage grievers to talk about their pain but don’t always offer a path to recovery. You will use the official Grief Recovery format to guide its participants to take clear actions that will lead them to a happier life.

Straight From the Heart

Grief is a normal and natural emotional reaction to loss, but most of the solutions people are taught are intellectual. You’ll guide people from their heads to their hearts, which will improve the quality of their lives. Although the training is partially educational, the solution is emotional.

Loss is our Only Topic

If you’re like most people you relate grief to death, but here are over 40 types of loss people can experience in their lifetime! Since grief is normal and natural we don’t want to confuse it with personality disorders. 

Who are we anyway?

40 Years and Counting

We have been refining our method for over 40 years. At last count, we have helped over 1 million grieving people between our books, phone support and all of the lives that our Grief Recovery Specialists have touched.

Grief + Recovery

No one used the words grief and recovery together until we did. The only people authorized to use the phrase are Grief Recovery Specialists who attended Grief Recovery Certification Training.

T e s t i m o n i a l s 

About Jeff Archambeault   

Grief Recovery® Specialist + (Advanced C.P.E. / M.Div. / B.A. Sociology) 

 From surveys by Grief Recovery Institute 

 received about clients' experiences:

Alumni / Grads of our area's groups wrote: 

★★★★★5.00 Stars     It helped me to understand the stages of grief and how to cope. I am forever grateful to this program. It should be advertised more as I was lucky by chance and heard from an acquaintance. I would highly recommend it. 03/28/2021

★★★★★4.00 Stars    Sharing with people I like to say I can trust. I want to start fresh on my own. I know I have to change my life. I'm more confident, my self esteem is better. I don't think about the bad things in the past. I was very negative. I'm positive and making decisions. 03/28/2021

★★★★★.5.00 Stars   I was able to find the core loss that I believe to be the catalyst for many other losses in my life. Being able to complete that fundamental loss through the 8 weeks, has provided much healing. The encouragement to stay the course through some difficult passages was outstanding. The program's structure and composition and the facilitators' fidelity to its application, made the journey a safe and valuable one.03/28/2021

★★★★★5.00 Stars   During my dance with grief I have learned through my group sessions the importance of being heard and being safe in doing so. I have the learned the significance of sharing and being connected to another, dancing the same dance but perhaps to another genre of music. Yes, we are all unique in our grief journey but yet have a shared sameness for the loss of one's beloved. I have come away with the knowledge that letting go of hurt and anguish does not mean to forget my loved one. In contrast, her memory will live on forever in my thoughts, and in my heart. The healing has begun!

Participant in Support Groups West Nipissing. 12/20/2020

★★★★★4.00 Stars  It helped me put words to my feelings and made me aware that my feelings were normal. 10/28/2020  North Bay, On

★★★★★4.00 Stars   I think I have already explained in other sections of the survey, perhaps incorrectly, but the bottom line is this program was an amazing support and came at the right time for me in my grieving journey. It has given me the tools to begin to heal my heart and I cannot believe the peace and relief of emotional pain it has provided. Not just the facilitator, who was excellent but also the other participants or co-grievers especially during the one to one sessions where we could talk about and share the pain of our losses. There were no negatives to my taking this grief support program only positives and I would strongly recommend this course to anyone with any unresolved grief. It made a world of difference to me .10/28/2020 in North Bay, Ontario

★★★★★4.00 Stars  The program has help me a lot just by the sharing with others, and listening to what others have to say also.. I don't cry every moment now .. but I do get my moments but not as frequently as before I started this program. 04/17/2020 North Bay, ON

★★★★★4.00 Stars  it was a challenge for me that is for sure at the start. had some laughs and tears. definitely proud of myself that I completed it.  06/23/2019

★★★★★4.00 Stars  The program gave me the tools to use where I can apply to many other losses in my life. It has shown me there are many people who grew up not being able to show their emotions and that is just not right. We need to express ourselves. This program will also help in other areas in my life such as personal relationships. I would recommend the grief recovery method. 06/23/2019

★★★★★5.00 Stars  The program helped me realise how much emotional baggage I was still carrying around inside. It also taught me the skills needed to address loss and get through it, and put it to rest in a positive way. EVERYONE SHOULD TAKE THIS COURSE!!!!  03/27/2019 at North Bay, Ontario

★★★★★4.00 Stars  I entered the Program apprehensive, and concerned that I would need to share personal information with a group of people. The setting and make-up of the Group was non-intimidating, encouraging and friendly. I soon felt comfortable and felt the progress doing assignments and exercises in each session, building skills and confidence. I felt safe and validated with partner sharing, and in group discussion. In 8 sessions, I feel I have the basic tools to apply to all grieving relationships and will continue to apply the principles learned in The Grief Recovery Method. Thank you for this opportunity. 01/02/2019

★★★★★3.00 Stars   I would have benefited from a short personal interview with the facilitator before the 8 week program.01/02/2019  Participant in North Bay, Ontario

★★★★★4.00 Stars  It has helped me recognize things that I do that might offend or hurt people without thinking about it and not doing it consciously. I know how to act better so I can avoid those situations. Thank you team.  01/02/2019 Participant in North Bay, ON

★★★★★5.00 Stars I was curious and had been looking for answers for a long time, this program gave me more than expected... Thank you.  01/02/2019 Participant in North Bay,


★★★★★5.00 Stars  When I started the program I wasn’t sleeping very much, now things are much better,I’ve taken a second class and things are working out quite well.

06/18/2018   Participant in West Nipissing , ON

★★★★★5.00 Stars   GRM has opened my heart and mind and given me the tools to navigate through many obstacles that used to keep me paralyzed in fear, by working the steps I was able to centralize my confusion and put a finger on exactly what the fuel was for my fire, I now have an extinguisher for multiple types of fires.10/20/0018 North Bay, On